Auto-Rotating Foldable BBQ Grill Charcoal KRAFTOOL

Article: 68310
5800 HK$

The BBQ grill is made of high quality stainless steel with thickness 2mm, which ensures a long service life and unpretentiousness in operation and storage.
The special height-adjustable design of the removable ash pan makes it possible to economically use charcoal for cooking and facilitates the cleaning of the grill.
Adjustable blow-in slots for controlling the smoldering rate of charcoal.
The grill is equipped with both skewers and a grill grate for cooking various products.

  • Innovative autonomous drive system allows skewers to be rotated without human intervention
  • As a source of energy for in-built electric drive, 220V mains or batteries (2D*1.5V=3V) can be used, which allows you to use the grill both beside suburban house and in nature spot
  • Folding supports make it easy to transport the grill
  • The BBQ charcoal grill has a hinged lid that can be used as auxiliary table

KRAFTOOL Auto-rotating BBQ Charcoal Grill: it cooks, you rest!

Powered by 2 batteries (power is enough to rotate your BBQ for about 3 hours):

Powered by 220V-3V converter:

Adjustable blow-in slots:

  • Vendor:
  • Rated voltage
    3 V
  • Dimensions
    600x360x800 mm
Rated voltage
3 V
600x360x800 mm
Net weight
20 kg
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