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We manufacture a wide range of construction tools that are characterised by reliability and quality at an affordable price.

Over 20 years of successful trading in the tool world

3Y6P is a Russian manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of quality tools, materials and equipment for over 20 years. 3Y6P manual and mechanized tools are popular among professionals for their high reliability, excellent ergonomics and high quality.

Today, the company is a global seller and manufacturer of quality products used both in and out of the home and for industrial applications. The company's product lines hold leading positions in the relevant market sectors in Russia and beyond.


3Y6P has been awarded the national prize "The Brand #1 in Russia" in the category "Tools for Construction and Repair" for two years (2019 and 2021).

"The Brand #1 in Russia" is a significant system for assessing brand awareness and the level of customer confidence.
Consumers vote for the award themselves. People enter the names of brands they trust.

      20000 models of tools      250 product groups      3000 employees      

At 3Y6P, innovation is a permanent process. The company is constantly expanding its range, improving current models and entering new areas to meet the growing needs of our customers. We offer many new categories of high quality products at affordable prices. Large investments are made in the development of production and the infrastructure of the industry.

To compete successfully with well-known foreign brands, 3Y6P pays special attention to scientific research to maximise the efficiency and reliability of its tools. The company's design office employs highly qualified engineers with extensive experience. Many of them have gone through the old school, working in companies of the defence-industrial complex. The innovative work is carried out in a targeted manner and brings real results: the engineers have created a number of modern developments, the solutions of which are patented.

      The wide service and warranty area      

The stability of the characteristics of the manufactured products is a constant concern of the company. A dedicated Quality Department looks after the interests of the consumer, constantly monitoring the production process at every stage and carrying out the final product inspection.

3Y6P pays special attention not only to production, but also to the subsequent delivery of goods to customers. The company's warehouses are equipped with modern facilities for receiving, collecting and checking products. An ergonomic storage system and tablet assembly allow for accurate tracking of the availability of tools in stock, and the company's own fleet of vehicles allows for quick delivery.
The company has an individual approach to each customer. Personal managers help to quickly resolve any issue and select the option that suits you.

A network of service centres has been established throughout Russia, the CIS countries and SAR Hong Kong to provide quality warranty repair and after-sales service.

If you have any questions about the products of our Hong Kong online shop, please call to our Help Center at 3184 0265.