Our Company

KRAFTOOL HONG KONG LIMITED was incorporated in 2013 and is a partially owned subsidiary of German KRAFTOOL group of companies.

KRAFTOOL company, founded in Germany in 1993, became the steady international corporation that manufactures and sells a wide range of tools and accessories to satisfy growing demands of human life.

Nowadays KRAFTOOL group of companies is well-known international manufacturer and supplier of a huge range of quality tools, equipment and accessories. KRAFTOOL has several famous brands: KRAFTOOL itself, STAYER, ZUBOR, 3Y6P. Hand and power tools of 3Y6P brand are the most popular among professionals due to its high reliability and excellent ergonomics.

   Today KRAFTOOL is the member of a global market and the manufacturer of quality products that are used both inside and outside a house, as well as for industrial application. The model ranks of the products hold a leading position in the relevant sectors of the world market.

  KRAFTOOL activity is always updated. The company is constantly expanding its range of products, improving the current models. We are exploring the new directions to meet the growing needs of our customers. We offer many categories of high-quality products at affordable prices. KRAFTOOL makes a great investment in the development of production, as well as in the infrastructure of the tool sector.

   To compete with well-known world brands, KRAFTOOL focuses on research, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability of its tools. Highly skilled engineers with extensive experience are working in the design bureau of KRAFTOOL. Innovative work is purposefully conducted and brings real results engineers created a number of modern developments with patented solutions.

   Before going into a series, products, created in the design bureau, are subject to multiple tests. For this purpose, KRAFTOOL testing laboratory was set up and equipped with the most advanced equipment.

  The stability of characteristics of the products is the tireless care of the company. The quality control department is the guardian of the interests of consumers. It constantly monitors the production process at every stage and performs acceptance of the finished products.

  To guarantee high-quality repair and after-sales service, a network of service centers in all countries, where 3Y6P products are being sold, is created and constantly expanding.

If you have any questions about the products of our online shop, you can call to our Help Center at 3184 0265.