Quick Roofing Square 300mm 3Y6P PRO

Article: 34391-30
120 HK$

Size ... 300x300mm
Thickness ... 4.5mm
Accuracy ... 1mm/m


3Y6P quick roofing square, also known as a layout or angle square, rafter square or speed square, is the product for many carpenters. It is designed to provide a quick and accurate way to mark out for many building projects and widely used when constructing roof rafters.

It combines the functions of a combination, try and framing square and can be used to make basic measurements and as a saw guide for 45° and 90° cuts. It can be utilised as a protractor allowing the measurement of angles and pitches. This makes light and fast work of cutting wall shoulders (bird beaks) or rafter ends. Pre-etched points on the square also allows for easy marking on common size timbers.

This heavy-duty version is manufactured from aluminium using computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. The blue finish offers enhanced corrosion protection and the laser engraved scales give outstanding measurement accuracy.


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